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The Premium clean-


Our premium clean is more than just cleaning the surface of your oven. This is a full professional deep clean which involves a complete strip down of your oven of all its removeable parts. The parts will then be put in to our heated dip tank in the back of the van to be cleaned and degreased.


This clean includes:- the cleaning of the sides, top and bottom panels, plus all shelves. Cleaning of the cooker knobs and areas behind which are often over looked and the removal of the back panel were the fan will also be removed to be cleaned and degreased. An amazing amount of dirt and grease will have built up behind the fan which may have led it to squeak.

After all grease and burnt-on carbon deposits has been removed, your oven will be re-assembled, polished and left shining. Your oven is now ready for immediate use.

Time taken per clean:- 2 - 4 hours

Please call 01726 69935 / 07897 424114 for your free quote.


The Basic Oven Clean-


This clean focuses more on the areas which can be seen from the outside of the oven.

The inside of the oven will be cleaned and degreased with the main attention being focused on the door glass, bottom panel and visible racks.

The outside of the oven will also be cleaned.


Time taken per clean:- 1-2 hours


Please call 01726 69935 / 07897 424114 for your free quote.




                       'WE LOVE TO DO THE JOB YOU HATE!'

                CALL US ON 01726 69935 / 07897 424114

We provide a quotation on the information you give us. Please try to be as accurate as you can when giving us the details to ensure the price we say, is the price you pay.


Our prices are based on the size & style of your oven and not how dirty it is.


All prices are inclusive of V.A.T, travelling costs, materials & of course our time.


N.B~ we do not charge extra for taking the doors apart & cleaning in between the glass panel sections, this is part of our service.